Meet our Staff

Joshua Humlie

Joshua is an owner and our faculty head who oversees and teaches in our piano and percussion department. He is a graduate of Western Oregon University with a bachelors degree in music composition. He has been teaching Music for 15 years, and performing for 20 years.

Bethany Blanchard

Bethany is an owner, bass guitar, piano, and vocal instructor. Bethany has been teaching for 12 years and performing for 20 years.

Manny Humlie

Manny is an owner, guitar, ukulele, banjo, and vocal instructor.  Manny has been teaching for 10 years and performing for 14 years.

Makenna Humlie

Makenna is one of our piano instructors. Makenna has been teaching for 4 years.

Petra Bolton

Petra is our Poco Music coordinator. She is also one of our vocal instructors and has been teaching for 4 years.

Doug White

Doug teaches guitar, piano, ukulele, and vocals. Doug has been with HSM for 3 years and has shared his teaching skills for many years.

Gary Markham

Gary is one of our Poco Music instructors, and also teaches guitar, bass guitar, piano, ukulele, the glockenspiel, and vocals.

Samantha Prewitt

Samantha is one of our advanced piano, flute and vocal instructors. She has been with HSM for 2 years.

Dan Anthony

Dan is one of our drum instructors. Dan has been with HSM for 2 years.

Victoria Spence




Victoria is our violin and piano instructor. She is also our coordinator for the Suzuki Strings classes. She has been teaching for 3 years.

Kyle Johnson



Kyle is one of our drum instructors for all genres of music. He has been teaching for 2 years.

Sami McCandless



Sami is a music major at Western Oregon University. She has been a part of our Poco Music Team for about 2 years; and will now be instructing with Beginner Piano (3 year and up). She will also provide Vocal instruction in group lessons with an emphasis on unison, harmony and blend (all ages).

David Floratos

David teaches Saxophone and jazz piano.

Dan Seymour

Dan is our new bass guitar instructor who has a life time of experience on the bass guitar and plays many other instruments.

George Humlie


George is a guitar instructor and the founder of The Humlie School of Music

Administration services/George and Anita Humlie with Amy Conover

Administration: George and Anita Humlie with Amy Conover